Essay: The Dangers of a Nuclear Iran

Thanks to terrorism, our world is in a constant state of high alert and countries such as Iran serve only to add to the fear and confusion of an already stressed out global population.

Unfortunately, it appears as though Iran is becoming more and more of a player on the nuclear world stage. Although some might choose tot believe that Iran does not pose a credible threat, many feel as though this part of the world is becoming more toxic and dangerous with every passing moment.

While we would like to, perhaps, bury our heads in the sand, it is now a documented fact, although the Iranian government spends much time denying it, specifically to agencies such as the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) that they do, indeed, have a degree of nuclear capabilities and are now in a position to supply funding and perhaps weapons to radical groups such as Hezbollah and Hamas, which are known to have terrorist tentacles in many parts of the Middle-East and beyond.

As if the Middle-East is not destabilized enough, because of Iran’s current reputation as a growing nuclear state, both Egypt and Saudie Arabia now find themselves in the grave and fearful position of having to arm themselves, in order to defend their countries and the rest of the Middle-East against a the growing threat that is Iran. Needless to say, this is creating chaos in an already taxed part of the world that is confronted with many serious issues such as a horrible economy and corrupt or powerless government officials who are intentionally manipulating their own people and putting their own needs above all else. Even a recent 2009 presidential election was deemed to be “arranged” and manipulated by those with the power to do so.

Specifically, in the case of Iran, they are now becoming a huge nuclear force in a small pond and are growing day by day, by using ignorance, fear and threats among their own people or against the people of neighboring areas and the threats are growing on a daily basis. Part of the issue with Iran and their growing nuclear presence is the business relationships between Iran, Russia and China. Unfortunately, neither of these countries are interested in ending their sale of arms to Iran – but rather, as the nuclear/terrorist threat increases, so do the sales between these countries and this is certainly becoming a huge red flag for US Homeland Security.

Although, arguably, having nuclear capabilities should never be considered “a good thing” for any country, it is doubly worrying when countries such as Iran, who have publicly stated that the West and the US in particular, are and will remain “sworn enemies” , have the funding, capability and nuclear weapons to make good on their threats to destroy them. It is somewhat amazing to see just how far Iran has come over the course of the last 30 years.

Fortunately, the Iranian government does not speak with all of their people, as there are many who simply want to live in peace and harmony in their own little part of the world, but as Iran’s growing need for “world power” grows, so do their nuclear capabilities and their desire to use these capabilities.

Absolutely no good can and will come out of having a nuclear Iran and, in an ideal world, nuclear weapons would simply not exist, but, as we have all learned in the last 20 years, we now live in a completely different world – one that includes terrorism and nuclear threats.